Mohammad Reza Naqdi

Mohammad Reza Naqdi
محمدرضا نقدی
6 Dec 2020
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  • IRGC Commander, Gilan Province (1979 - 1981)
  • Intelligence Deputy of the IRGC Commander, Western Iran (1981 - 1984)
  • Commander of Irregular Warfare Headquarters, Northwest and Western Iran (1984 - 1986)
  • Commander of Badr Corps, Iraq (1986 - 1988)
  • Commander of NAJA Intelligence Protection Organiszation, National (1992 - 2000)
  • Support and Supply Deputy of General Staff of Armed forces, National (Sep 2000 - Oct 2009)
  • Head of the Passive Defence Organisation, National (2005 - 2007)
  • Head of Headquarters for Combating Commodity and Currency Trafficking, National (Oct 2005 - Jun 2007)
  • Head of the Basij Organisation, National (Oct 2009 - Dec 2016)
    • Human Rights Violation: Suppression of peaceful protests (2009) read more
      Basij Organisation
      Rights Violated
      Right to freedom from torture, Right to freedom of assembly, Right to freedom of expression, Right to life

      Naqdi, as the head of the Basij organisation, has played a key role in suppressing peaceful protests against the results of the 2009 elections, especially during the events of Ashura (27 December, 2009). On 27 December, 2009, Basij forces, under his command, played a key role in suppressing the protests, which led to the killing of at least 15 and the arrest of hundreds.

      Following the announcement of the results of the tenth Iranian presidential election and the victory of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, widespread protests were held in Iranian cities. The protests were brutally suppressed by the riot police, the IRGC and Basij, killing at least 70 people, injuring thousands and  widespread arrests.


      Reza Naqdi: People oust the deviants from the revolution up to the position of deputy leader, December 2015

      Exclusive: Narrative of the victims of Ashura day from Meqdad Detention Center, Jaras News Agency, 28 December, 2009


      Legal Developments

      In a decision dated 13 April, 2011, the EU added Mohammad Reza Naqdi to its human rights sanctions list for his role in gross violation of human rights. According to this decision, Naghdi was banned  from entering the EU and all his assets in Europe will be confiscated. According to the EU statement, “Mohammad Reza Naqdi was responsible for or complicit in Basij abuses occurring in late 2009, including the violent response to the December 2009 Ashura Day protests, which resulted in up to 15 deaths and the arrests of hundreds of protesters.”


      In March 2011, the US Treasury Department also referred to the role of Mohammad Reza Naqdi as the Basij commander in suppressing protesters against the results of the 2009 election, and his participation as the head of the Basij Organization in the "interrogations at Kahrizak Detention Center" and "extracting  forced confessions from reformist leaders" put him on his list of human rights sanctions. Under the sanctions, Mohammad Reza Naqdi's potential assets in the United States will be frozen and he will be barred from entering the country.

  • Cultural Deputy of IRGC, National (Dec 2016 - present)
These violations may only be part of the human rights violations that this person has been involved in. The investigation into this person's human rights record is ongoing.