Reza Farajollahi

Reza Farajollahi
رضا فرج‌اللهی
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PhD in law
17 Dec 2020
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  • Judge of Branch 4 of Revolutionary Court, Karaj (Alborz Province)
  • Head of Branch 32 of the Supreme Court, National (2002 - present)
    • Human Rights Violation: Confirming death sentences for political prisoners (2002 - present) read more
      Supreme Court
      Rights Violated
      Right to a fair trial, Right to freedom from torture, Right to life

      Reza Farajollahi, as the head of Branch 32 of the Supreme Court, has played a key role in confirming several death sentences of political prisoners. This included internet activists, Saeed Malekpour and Vahid Asghari, and five Arab activists who are members of the Al-Hawar Institute.. Reza Farajollahi is responsible for gross violations of the rights of political prisoners, by failing to investigate torture reports, failing to meet fair trial standards, and upholding the death sentences of cyber-activists and civil society activists. Mohammad Ali Omori (School Teacher), Hadi Rashedi (School teacher), Hashem Shabani (school teacher), Jaber Alboshoke  and Mukhtar Alboshoke, the founders of Al-Hawar Institute, were executed by the ruling of Branch 32 of the Supreme Court, headed by Reza Farajollahi, on charges of moharebeh and carrying out armed operations and acting against national security. The defendants had repeatedly stated in several court hearings that, after months of severe torture, they had been forced to make false confessions about their involvement in armed operations and the overthrow of the Islamic Republic.

      Farajollahi also played a role in upholding the death sentences of four Ahwazi activists, Ghazi Abbasi, Abdolreza Amir Khannafreh, Abdolamir Mojdami, and Jassem Moghaddam, without following the principles of a fair trial, and ignoring the allegations of torture to obtain false confessions.


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These violations may only be part of the human rights violations that this person has been involved in. The investigation into this person's human rights record is ongoing.