Seyed Jafar Karimi Deev Kaalei

Seyed Jafar Karimi Deev Kaalei
سید جعفر کریمی دیوکلایی
Deev Kala, Babol
Seminary Eduacation
Died, 28 Mar 2020
4 May 2021
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  • the Supreme Leader’s representative for addressing Fatwa requests (1979 - 28 Mar 2020)
  • Member of the Assembly of Constitutional Experts, Mazandaran Province (28 Nov 1979 - 15 Nov 1979)
  • Judge at the Supreme Revolutionary Court (1981 - 1982)
    • Human Rights Violation: Confiscating property and violating the rights of Bahai citizens (14 February 1984) read more
      Islamic Revolutionary Courts
      Rights Violated
      Right to a fair trial, Right to freedom of religion and belief, Right to non-discrimination, Right to property

      Jafar Karimi as head of the Supreme Disciplinary Court for Sharia Judges is responsible for the violation of the Rights of Baha'i Citizens, Paridokht Vahdat Hagh and her children Vahid, Shahab and Rouhieh Vahdat Hagh through disregarding the principles of fair trial, discriminating based on their religious belief and depriving these citizens of their rights and property.

      Pridokht Vahdat Hagh is the wife of Baha'i citizen Hussein Vahdat Hagh, who was sentenced to death and confiscation of property by the Revolutionary Court for his religious beliefs and was executed on March 30, 1981. In her complaint against the Tehran Revolutionary Prosecutor's Office, she objected to the confiscation of her property and that of his children because of her husband’s conviction.


      In the verdict dated February 14, 1984 in connection with the complaint of Pridokht Vahdat Hagh from the head of the Revolutionary Court of Tehran, Jafar Karimi ruled with discrimination citing the religious beliefs of these citizens and dismissed the case without considering the principles of fair trial and approved the confiscation of the property of Vahdat Hagh and her children.


      Pridokht Vahdat-e-Hagh lawsuit in the Disciplinary Court of Judges, dated: February 14, 1984 Case class: 3/12/62; Lawsuit Number: 259/63, available at Archives of Bahai Persecution in Iran.


  • Head of the Supreme Disciplinary Court for Sharia Judges (Dec 1982 - Apr 1994)
  • Supreme Leader’s representative to review the cases of prisoners in public courts (1983 - 1984)
  • the Supreme Leader representative in the Supreme Economic Council (1981- Unknown)
  • Member of the Assembly of Experts for Leadership , Mazandaran Province ((1982- 1990), (1998-2006))
These violations may only be part of the human rights violations that this person has been involved in. The investigation into this person's human rights record is ongoing.