Reza Sarami

Reza Sarami
رضا صرامی
22 May 2020
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  • Head of Prisons Organization , Khuzestan Province (1985 - May 1996)
    • Human Rights Violation: Mass execution of political prisoners ( 1988) read more
      Prisons Organisation
      (Khuzestan Province)
      Rights Violated
      Right to a fair trial, Right to life

      As the head of the Khuzestan Province Prisons Organization, he was responsible for the killing of political prisoners in Ahvaz's Fajr Prison, in the summer of 1988. According to the order of Ruhollah Khomeini, leader of the Islamic Republic, several thousand political and ideological prisoners faced short trials and were sentenced to death in August - September 1988 and buried in mass graves, while they had already been tried for the same charges and were serving their sentences.  The majority of those executed were from leftist groups.


       Testimony of Mehri Elghaspour with Justice for Iran


      Testimony of Ebrahim Allasvand (Dela) with Justice for Iran

These violations may only be part of the human rights violations that this person has been involved in. The investigation into this person's human rights record is ongoing.