Seyed Mohammad Reza Mavalizadeh

Seyed Mohammad Reza Mavalizadeh
سید محمدرضا موالیزاده
25 Jan 2021
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  • General Director of the Political Affairs of the Ministry of Interior (Oct 2005 - Mar 2007)
    • Human Rights Violation: Violation Bahai minority’s rights ( 15 Aug 2006) read more
      Ministry of Interior
      Rights Violated
      Right to freedom of religion and belief, Right to non-discrimination, Right to work

      He is responsible for the deprivation of individual liberties and violations of Baha'i social rights. He issued an order on 15 August, 2006 to all governors to control and impose restrictions on the Baha'i community, depriving them of their right to work and engage in economic activity.


      Picture of the letter of the Director General of the Political Office of the Ministry of Interior to all governors of the country, Asoo, August 19, 2006

  • Secretary of the Public Culture Council of Iran (Jun 2017 - present)
These violations may only be part of the human rights violations that this person has been involved in. The investigation into this person's human rights record is ongoing.